Restoration Youth & Family Center
“Assembling a Beloved Community
One Person at a Time”


4016 East 32nd Street
(Two Blocks North of E. Lake Street & S. 41st in South Mpls)


The Restoration Youth & Family Center (RYFC) is a non-profit organization founded by Dr(s). Joseph and Betty Mitchell Sr.


RYFC is committed to creating a foundation for an improved community by helping individuals rebuild their lives and revitalizing the relationships within families.


The crisis facing our communities, today, threatens to destroy and forever change the fabric of our families. At staggering rates, parents are becoming physically separated and emotionally alienated from their children. As a result, our children sometimes find themselves neglected and often explore actions that endanger their well-being.


RYFC is envisioned as a place where those who understand and desire to change this trend can come together and begin to do the necessary work. We are committed to the health, healing, and unity of the entire family.


At RYFC those in need of help are not case numbers. They are individuals each having a unique need that cannot be fully met by governmental agencies. So, we take a whole-person approach in meeting their needs and addressing the underlying issues.


The Restoration Youth & family Center (RYFC) is currently comprehensively focused in three program areas: prisoner re-entry, at-risk youth & family mentoring, and healthy child & teen initiatives.


Through these programs RYFC hopes to create a template for reversing some of the most critical crises facing our communities. As we gain experience and insight we intend to expand our program offerings.


Our prisoner re-entry program works to develop a relationship with prisoners prior to release and examines the factors that contributed to their incarceration. In the post-release phase we provide active support services to minimize recidivism.


Our at-risk youth & family mentoring program offers participants trained active partners who are engaged in their success.


Our healthy child & teen program works with children, teens, and families to ensure their ready-access to the health system and encourages a health system and encourages a health conscious lifestyle.


RYFC is actively recruiting, launching, and sponsoring events to support these programs.

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