Past, Present & Future

The Past:

THEE HOUSE UV BETH-EL (formerly Shower of Blessings Church) was founded by Bishop Joseph Mitchell Sr. along with his wife, Dr. Betty Mitchell. The first service was held in a small room at Powderhorn Park in south Minneapolis, Mn in August, 1981.

Members met together on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to pray, fellowship, read scriptures and witness the gospel of Jesus Christ. In home Bible Studies were established with the sick and shut-in.

After our move from Powderhorn Park, we held services in various locations in the city of Minneapolis. We continued to witness God’s mighty power and to see his hand of love and guidance in what we did. Not only was their numerical growth but God continued His growth and development in the Pastors as they preached and taught the uncompromised “Word of God” with signs, wonders and miracles following.

The Past:

THEE HOUSE UV BETH-EL held its first service in June of 1993 at its current location of 4016 East 32nd Street in Minneapolis, Mn. We are indeed grateful to all who gave of their time and finances to make this faith endeavor a reality.

THEE HOUSE UV BETH-EL is a church built upon the power of prayer, the “Word of God” and a strong pastoral (shepherding) anointing Please see Ezekiel 34, a biblical description of a true pastoral ministry. Highlighting prayer has led to ceaseless spiritual, emotional and physical growth of God’s people. The young, aged, poor, rich and imprisoned are effectively ministered to. The ministry by God’s mercy has reached a gracious maturity and seasonedness.

The Future:

God has blessed us with one half of a city block inclusive of a sanctuary, educational wing and excess land for future expansion. It is totally debt free all to God’s praise honor and glory.


In the future, the construction of a faith dome facility to house various ministries to the underprivileged as well as a media center is critical to the fulfillment of the vision for such a time as this.


The vision continues to unfold!!!!

God wants to do this and so much more in this area.

He needs you!!

We want you!

We would be so honored to serve you as your pastors.

We’re taking off to the next level!!

We Need You!!!

Thee House UV Beth-El