• To set God’s people “Free” through the Preaching of the Gospel and teaching of the Word of God over all the World.
  • To “Demonstrate” the love of God through various outreach ministries.

    The projected construction of a “Faith Dome” will more effectively
    facilitate the vision as additional space will be needed to house programs listed below:
    • Restoration Family Center
      • Facilitate healing and wholeness: of the family
      • Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Support Services
      • On Site Services at Harriet Tubman Women’s Shelter
    • Open Door Phase, I, Phase II
      • Provide Services to Men and Women during incarceration at Correctional Facilities and upon release to Re-entry Programs
    • Chemical Dependency Component
    • Safe Home for Battered or Displaced Women
  • To Equip Believers to walk in authority thereby experiencing victory in every area of
    their lives.

    The establishment of formal educational setting to provide instruction and opportunities for “hands-on” training and experience in the area of Prayer and the Prophetic realm of Ministry, thereby producing effective pray-ers and seasoned and balance Prophets.
    • School of Prophets
    • School of Prayer
    • Crisis Prayer and Counseling Center

Our mission is to:
• Exalt Jesus
• Evangelize the World with/and for Christ
• Encourage Christians toward spiritual development and maturity
• Equipping Christians for Ministry

If you are looking for a church to call "home" and a family or just visiting the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we'd be delighted and honored to have you join us for Worship.

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